Portrait of Charlie

My friend Lynda enjoys painting as much as I do. She said, “I’d like to commission you to do a portrait of Charlie (her husband) from this reference photo, so I can see what you would do with it.”




There are so many different ways that you can approach painting a portrait of someone…

This is how I chose to do it.



I’m so happy she liked it! This is what she said…

I showed Charlie this painting and he was very impressed.  We made another canvas of the painting of him and his father has it by his bed and loves it as we do.  Each day as we walk out of our bedroom, we get to look at your painting.  You are amazing!

A few months later Lynda sent me another note…

We were talking about you today and showed Monica (a friend from Brazil) your painting of Charlie.  She was amazed as is everyone.  You are just SO talented.

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