Do I need a One Sheet?

People often ask me, “Do I need a One Sheet?” 

A One Sheet is a marketing tool. It’s one sheet of paper, much like a flyer, that lists who you are, what you do, your achievements/credentials, and how people can reach you. It can be one-sided or two. Depending on your target audience and the way that you want to brand yourself, the layout and design can be very conservative and minimalistic, or artsy and contemporary.

Here’s a One Sheet that we designed for a Dr. Kathleen Nash, a Chiropractor who is an internationally recognized weight loss expert. She has a weekly “Total Transformation” podcast on her website, and is a popular guest speaker. (She is currently on tour in Korea!) Dr. Nash wanted a One Sheet that would catch your attention and convey her fun spirit; hence the “steampunk” theme.





Who needs a One Sheet?

• Artists
• Authors
• Coaches
• Entertainers (Actors, Bands/Musicians, DJ’s, Singers)
• Models
• Professional Speakers

Basically, anyone who wants to be recognized as an expert in their field, and/or would like to be considered for a job, event, or a public speaking engagement would benefit from having a One Sheet that can be downloaded from your website as a PDF, and printed as a hand-out.

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