Commissioned Portrait of Bowzer

Just before the holidays I was commissioned to paint a memorial portrait of this beautiful dog, Bowzer.  This was a gift from my friend, Maria, to her dear friend, Zara, who was grieving over the loss of her “big, sweet boy.”

Since this was a surprise gift, I couldn’t ask Zara for a high resolution reference image to work from. Fortunately, we found a nice one of him on Zara’s website.


With a memorial portrait I always “call” on the one who has departed and ask them to guide me.

I feel their presence.

Their love for the person who is going to receive the painting goes into each and every brush stroke.

Bowzer’s spirit came shining through to me. I could “see” how he looked when he was young, healthy, and vibrant.



(click to view larger)

I received this beautiful note from Maria when I finished the portrait:

This portrait of Bowzer is absolutely beautiful. There are no words. I can’t stop crying. She will love it.

Thank you for helping me bring her a smile and memories with your gift.

– Maria

And I received this beautiful note from Zara after she received the portrait from Maria:

Your painting of Bowzer is so amazing and realistic poor Maria had me sobbing. Thank you doesn’t begin to describe seeing him like this as a pup.

I keep staring at the portrait and almost feel like I can touch him. Your work is amazing. I really can’t thank you enough!

– Zara

It fills my heart with joy to know that I’ve touched someone’s heart with my artwork. Thank you Maria! Thank you Zara! And thank you, Bowzer!

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