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Art and Graphic Design



I LOVE to get my hands and apron messy with paint! That said, I consider myself a contemporary digital artist. Proficient in the use software designed for professional artists (Photoshop CC and Corel Painter 2015), I find it exhilarating and liberating to work in a digital environment!

My virtual art studio is filled with spectacular oils, vibrant acrylics, textured pencils, bold inks, delicate watercolors, rich pastels and gorgeous varnishes. These provide me with a freedom of expression that simply cannot be achieved with traditional methods. I am truly at home with my Wacom tablet as a canvas, and a stylus that can be transformed like magic into whatever virtual tool I desire. Each and every brush stroke is meticulously and thoughtfully applied by hand.

– Linda A. Bell

Click here to view a few samples of my Artwork…

Commissioned Portraits by Linda

It is such an honor to paint a portrait of someone’s loved ones, whether it’s a family member or a family pet. Memorial portraits are especially touching to do.

My artist fee for a portrait of a single subject with a traditional portrait style background starts at $425.00. Please send a reference photo when you request a quote.

Upon approval of the finished piece, you will receive a High Resolution Digital file of your portrait. This will allow you to use any printing company of your choice, and order as many fine art prints for friends and family members as your heart desires, on stretched canvas, fine art paper, metallic paper, keepsake boxes, quilts, jewelry, tote bags, etc., for no additional fees.

Click here to view a few samples of my Commissioned Portraits…